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Contact Micah Leon Guerrero  Micah Leon Guerrero ex: 59834 Teacher
kindergarten teachers
Contact Diana Botello Carrillo  Diana Botello Carrillo ex: 59833 Teacher
Contact Olivia Lovato Trujillo  Olivia Lovato Trujillo ex: 59838 Teacher
Contact Rashell Ruiz  Rashell Ruiz ex: 59832 Teacher
Contact Martha Sanchez  Martha Sanchez ex: 59836 Teacher
Contact Rosalinda Trujillo  Rosalinda Trujillo ex: 59835 Teacher
1st grade teachers
Contact Brenda Burciaga Munoz  Brenda Burciaga Munoz ex: 59856 Teacher
Contact Marina Donez  Marina Donez ex: 59853 Teacher
Contact Susan Leo-russell  Susan Leo-russell ex: 59854 Teacher
Contact Saul Villa  Saul Villa ex: 59855 Teacher
2nd grade teachers
Contact Celia Chavez  Celia Chavez ex: 59866 Teacher
Contact Laura Gryder  Laura Gryder ex: 59862 Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Mccarty Kunz  Elizabeth Mccarty Kunz ex: 59865 Teacher
Contact Kaitlin Wood  Kaitlin Wood ex: 59863 Teacher
3rd grade teachers
Contact Lorena Alexander  Lorena Alexander ex: 59934 Teacher
Contact Ilse Corrales  Ilse Corrales ex: 59935 Teacher
Contact Theresa Doxey  Theresa Doxey ex: 59932 Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Martinez  Elizabeth Martinez ex: 59936 Teacher
4th grade teachers
Contact Michelle Chalvarian  Michelle Chalvarian ex: 59942 Teacher
Contact Joann Henry  Joann Henry ex: 59941 Teacher
Contact David Junick  David Junick ex: 59946 Teacher
Contact Hilda Saenz  Hilda Saenz ex: 59944 Teacher
5th grade teachers
Contact Fabiola Alvarez  Fabiola Alvarez ex: 59952 Teacher
Contact Marietta Marmon  Marietta Marmon ex: 59954 Teacher
Contact Daniela Stewart Lozano  Daniela Stewart Lozano ex: 59947 Dual Language Resource Teacher
Contact Martha Tetreault  Martha Tetreault ex: 59956 Teacher
special education
Contact Wesley Barrett  Wesley Barrett ex: 59943 Teacher
Contact Adrian Hernandez  Adrian Hernandez ex: 59957 teacher
Contact Wendi Hogstedt  Wendi Hogstedt ex: 59831 Teacher
Contact Nancy Rabelo  Nancy Rabelo ex: 59955 Teacher
Contact Brian Rice  Brian Rice ex: 59864 Teacher
Contact Jamin Rol  Jamin Rol ex: 59960 Teacher of the gifted
Contact Mary Sanmiguel-salazar  Mary Sanmiguel-salazar ex: 59931 Resource Teacher
Contact Jack Tugwell  Jack Tugwell ex: 59953 Teacher
Contact Matthew Yarbrough  Matthew Yarbrough ex: 59933 Teacher
support staff
Contact Alexandra Alberti  Alexandra Alberti ex: 59963 Music Teacher
Contact Paul Arroyo  Paul Arroyo ex: 59962 Music Teacher
Contact Susan Crandal  Susan Crandal ex: 59857 OT
Contact Donna Garduno  Donna Garduno ex: 59820 Family Liaison
Contact Iris Hernandez  Iris Hernandez ex: 59844 STEAM LAB teacher
Contact Denise Krafft  Denise Krafft ex: 59958 Teacher
Contact Rebecca Liguori  Rebecca Liguori ex: 59977 Art Teacher
Contact Ginger Looney  Ginger Looney ex: 59969 Indian Ed. Teacher
Contact Michelle Poiani  Michelle Poiani ex: xt.59972 Librarian
Contact Carole Roybal  Carole Roybal ex: 59978 PE Teacher
Contact Daniela Yokaichiya  Daniela Yokaichiya ex: 59945 Sys Admin
Phone Numbers:

Office Hours: 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday - Friday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, please call 831-5400 to set up a time. THANK YOU!

Press 2 to report an absence

Press 3 to the Health Office

Press 4 to the Special Education Department

Press 5 to the Counselor

Press 9 to the Administration and all other departments

Contact Maria Cordero  Maria Cordero ex: 59808 Principal
Contact Sara Smith  Sara Smith ex: 59802 assistant principal
Office Staff
Contact Linda Garand  Linda Garand ex: 59809 Principal's Secretary
Contact Dolores Garcia  Dolores Garcia ex: 59801 Secretary
Contact Laura Marez  Laura Marez ex: 59800 Secretary
student success center
Contact Irma Alexander  Irma Alexander ex: 59822 Social worker
Contact Camille Richter  Camille Richter ex: 59823 counselor
Contact Darlene Rivera Carlos  Darlene Rivera Carlos ex: 59824 Dean of students
Contact Paige Vallejos  Paige Vallejos redirector
Health Room
Contact Pamela Garcia Arnold  Pamela Garcia Arnold nurse